Beyond the digital transition, QZedia can meet the challenges of mobile and second screen, while anticipating the future.

Revenue optimization

Our platform, through the One Audience tool collects, analyzes and translates raw data of the audience of all the sites, into easy to use and interpret segments.

Thanks to the audience segmentation, you will no longer target a specific website, but the audience tied to a geographic area, or to a group of interest.

The One Ad Studio tool provides opportunities for creation and sales teams to easily create mobile and traditional banners, dynamic and agency quality , for their local advertisers. Helping the diffusion of local direct sales, the overall inventory is optimized and the revenues are maximized.

QZedia platform and its One Campaign tool combines, prioritizes and optimizes different sources of impressions. Always at the latest standards, QZedia platform enables the management of direct sales and your different impressions suppliers, on a single interface. Configure, target and deliver advertising campaigns across any screen, thanks to Qzedia sharp device identification capabilities.

Revenues are no longer confined to its own inventory, but extends to the entire audience and area of influence of the site.

Transparency and support

Simple to handle, QZedia platform gives the publisher a total control over inventory management and revenue.

Editing dynamic and interactive reports allows to study the results through more than 25 dimensions, even in real-time.

QZedia Team offers training and coaching in order for sales teams to demystify digital and mobile advertising, as well as training and coaching campaign managers.

QZedia platform’s tools are updated bimonthly to stay in the forefront of the industry and provide the very best practices to anticipate every single need you have.