ONE Studio is a HTML5 Rich Media Toolkit that allows you to build engaging rich media ads in less than 120 seconds by using drag and drop functionality and pre-made templates. Creative materials can be used in any ad server platform.

Key Elements

  • Intuitive workflow: guides you with simple steps to create stunning results;
  • Canvas: drag-and-drop interactive rich media content items such as video, images, swipe, scroll, social share and store locator options onto your canvas and customize any ad to any advertisers’ goals.
  • Analytics: get in depth insights into your creative performance by event, customizing report views on the fly and drill down using multiple dimensions.


Maximize impact, minimize costs

ONE Studio allows you to maximize the use of HTML5 rich media (video, audio, etc.) for your mobile strategy while minimizing costs. No need for external agencies or Rich Media vendors to provide you with rich media banners; your own ad operations team can do it themselves. Give your team the power to create mock-up campaigns for pre-sales presentations, set up versions of your ad for A/B testing and more.

Design once, deliver anywhere

Create responsive ads by adding multiple image sets to deliver a perfect experience to any device. The built-in formats will help you select the best creative for each screen. The creatives you build in ONE Studio can be used in ad server platforms from other vendors with ease.

Get valuable insights on user engagement

Interactions with the creative materials in your ad are logged with the Qzedia ONE Platform as events. With the detailed reporting available for each event, you can collect valuable data on user engagement and run analysis to compare different campaigns.


Drag-and-drop functionality
Create IAB Rising Star formats including (mobile) Filmstrip, Adhesion and Full Page Flex
Save creatives in creative library for future use

Customizable pre-build templates, like

  • GPS based store-locator
  • Expandable ad
  • Wipe ad
  • 3D cube swipe ad
  • Audio ad
  • Video 2 Image ad
  • Video ad
  • Adhesion ad
  • Pop-up ad
  • Facebook/Twitter share ad

Add and track all ad engagements, like

  • Click2landing site
  • Click2calender
  • Click2contacts
  • Click2app store
  • Click call/sms
  • Click2coupon

Fully cross platform compliant

  • HTML5