ONE Audience helps publishers to unlock untapped audience value by consolidating and enriching audience information from all available sources. It identifies, segments, and makes high-value target audiences addressable, which can be used for retargeting across ONE Campaign, ONE Studio and ONE Yield. All secure, and privacy-friendly.

Key Elements

  • Collect, identify & unify: gather and import user data from across screens and various sources. Identify individual users and unify their profiles across screens. Enrich your user data using various (third party) sources and make them addressable. All in one cloud based platform.
  • Advanced segmentation: define, set up, refine and re-target specific custom user segments aligning the needs of your advertisers and the characteristics of your users.
  • Dynamic personalization: highly advanced algorithms ensure optimal ad delivery in order to enhance the user experience.

Advanced Audience targeting

With ONE Audience you can track and target consumers at all points along the customer journey without relying solely on cookies. ONE Audience has built-in support for publisher login ID’s, iOS IDFA, Android AAID and various others. Multi-touchpoint targeting provides mapping of multiple interactions to a single consumer or household profile enabling highly personalized advertising

Build up real value with audience profiles

Uncover audience segments and drive conversions by providing personalized offers based on consumer interactions with the brand across store, website and apps and combined with live data from external and offline systems.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

Multi-touchpoint tracking and targeting removes the need to rely on cookies to target consumers – you can drastically increase the number of impressions using different channels. Utilize sophisticated business rules, combined with dynamic creative to deliver highly compelling offers in real-time across the entire customer journey. Dynamic personalization is the ability to do intelligent retargeting based on actual consumer multi-touchpoint activity.

Open platform

ONE Audience is an open platform and it allows you to upload, merge and enrich end user data using third party tools and API’s.