ONE Campaign offers a complete inventory monetization platform that helps publishers streamline ad operations for their direct sold campaigns and generate the most value from every ad impression. Qzedia ONE Campaign is a particularly good fit for publishers focusing on the fastest growing channels: tablets and smartphones.

Key Benefits

  • Inventory Management: easily set up, organize and manage your complete digital inventory for all your audiences in one place;
  • Campaign Management and cross-device targeting: setup, target, run, manage and optimize your campaigns from one easy-to-use dashboard. Deliver your campaigns across smartphone, tablet and desktop screens: configure, target and deliver advertising campaigns across any screen.
  • Audience Targeting: use our extremely rich set of (re-) targeting options. Make sophisticated combinations in a very easy way (drag-and-drop).
  • Creative Ad Management: build engaging rich media ads in less than 120 seconds by using drag and drop templates
  • Analytics: get in depth insights into your campaign performance by customizing report views on the fly and drill down using multiple dimensions. Add campaigns to your own custom real-time dashboard to monitor campaign performance throughout the day;
  • Forecasting: use both historical data and automatically generated forecasts to get better insight into the potential impact of new campaigns

Better targeting, more revenues

Our wide range of targeting options will increase your advertising possibilities and strengthen your competitive position. Unique features such as GPS location, devices and screen size will open up new opportunities for your sales teams. All targeting options can be easily combined to set up sophisticated campaigns. Historical data is readily available to evaluate the potential of the campaigns.

Improve Ad Operations efficiency

The intuitive workflow of our software will help your staff quickly adopt the platform. The dashboard (‘grid’) can be completely adapted for each individual user to meet their personal needs. Training videos and a comprehensive knowledge base (wiki) are easily accessible from the ONE Campaign dashboard.

Pro-actively manage your user’s shift from desktop to mobile

Migrate and grow your advertising revenues easily. Use the extensive set of built-in multi-screen features for your (re-) targeting campaigns. Build crucial profile data automatically and use this knowledge to increase the effectiveness and engagement of your multi-screen campaigns.