Instantly connect your supply to premium advertisers worldwide.

Programmatic trading via RTB (Real-Time Bidding) is the new way to buy and sell mobile advertising. With RTB, each ad is sold individually in real-time through an exchange that conducts an auction-like selling process where the ad is won by the highest bidder.

ONE Yield, allows publishers to tap into quality worldwide demand including some of the largest brands. Instantly open your inventory to hundreds of RTB demand sources, exchanges, trading desks and ad networks.

Key Elements

  • Mediation: auction your inventory between all demand sources – direct sold, programmatic and ad networks in one exchange.
  • Private Marketplace (PMP): a private marketplace allows you to make direct programmatic deals with trusted advertisers using Deal ID.
  • Advanced rule builder: manage yield optimization from one single interface. Easily set floor prices, block lists and route your traffic to the highest paying demand source first using delivery priorities;
  • Analytics; access key auction metrics (revenues, bids, won bids, clicks, win rate, CTR and eCPM) in one single dashboard and convert these metrics into actionable insights. Add campaigns to your own custom real-time dashboard to monitor campaigns throughout the day.

Maximize revenues from your inventory

Auction your inventory in real-time to the highest bidder and receive maximum eCPM for your inventory at all times. Regain full control on the monetization of your digital assets. Make direct programmatic deals with your selected advertisers without the hassle of setting up Insertion Orders (IO’s), sending bills, and data tracking discrepancies.

Brand Protection

We understand how important your brand is and the need to protect it. Qzedia goes the extra mile by offering extensive brand protection features and full transparency. We provide standard block lists that can be extended by adding IAB categories, advertiser top-level domains or any creative assets you would like to block. We only work with transparent programmatic demand sources, giving you full insight into which advertisers are bidding for your inventory and at what price. The end result is higher ad quality with no surprises.

Full control & transparency

Set price floors (minimum prices) for your inventory. These floors can be set fixed or dynamic. Our predictive algorithms will dynamically optimize the floor based on historic and real-time bid data, giving you added flexibility. Custom floors can be set by demand source, advertiser, country or any other targeting parameter you’d like to configure.

Easy integration based on industry standards

Qzedia uses the OpenRTB industry standard and has dedicated engineering staff readily available, allowing us to integrate new demand sources in just days. ONE Yield is MRAID 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compliant – the IAB Rich Media and Video standards – making it possible to deliver rich media and video ads out of the box.
And, finally, ONE Yield is fully integrated with ONE Campaign, so there are no extra integration efforts for you as a publisher.