QZedia meets the needs of agencies and trading desks to reach new inventories and highly targeted audiences, and offer advertisers optimized banners.

Optimization and dynamic banners

QZedia AdStudio can create banners in less than 120 seconds, or revitalize existing banners.

Banners can be improved through the following options:

  • Store locator
  • Buttons social networks (like, sharing …)
  • Videos
  • Click2Call
  • Click2SMS
  • Click2app
  • Click2appstore
  • Click2file
  • HTML third party
  • Effects and standard IAB Rising Stars and Standards

Campaign Management

QZedia platform gathers solutions (in one single interface) for management of mobile and traditional advertising campaigns.

Over 25 targeting dimensions allow to reach exactly the audience that best matches the target of advertisers, including:

  • Geolocation
  • Devices
  • OS
  • multiscreen Retargeting
  • Events and third-party data
  • User ID
  • Device ID
  • Context
  • Demographic
  • Interest Groups

QZedia platform is connected to over 30 ad networks and global RTB servers.

Our targeting and creative solutions always reach the right person at the right moment, at the right place and with the right message. Dynamic banners emphasize the user interaction with the brand, and the success of the campaign.